Top 5 AR apps for ios.


This is one of my favourite apps.With this you can convert your table into a super arena(into a battlefield with robots).The game can be played against an Al opponent or multiplayer matches.


-High power consumption(it’s impossible to play this game for hours).

-The device get warm quickly as it use the cpu intensely.

-Harder to find a suitable surface to project the game.

-Harder to get used with the onscreen controls.

2). Dance Reality

It’s a new AR app that that helps users get their footwork down by placing AR footprints on the floor.They can follow the footprints to practice common dance moves.


-Provide instructional videos from trained dancers.

-Can choose between solo practice or couple practice.

-You can follow the steps or lead steps.

-Help user to stay on beat.

3). Arise

It’s a puzzle game.Your objective is to escort the knight through the optical illusion by completing the missing sections in the path.


-Creative puzzles

-Easy to follow the controls


-Need a big space to play

-High power consumption

4). Holo

It’s an app which let you to place holograms(3D models)(which you can download)in real world.


-The objects can’t interact with the real world(it doesn’t recognize surfaces).


It’s a puzzle game in which you have to move you’r charactor in a complex 3D structure.The mechanisms are quite similar to rubix cube.


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